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Photo series: Wakenitz taken on LomoChrome Purple color film

In this photo series I show you the results from my latest roll of film. I took these during my walks at the Wakenitz.

The Wakenitz is a small river in the southeast of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and the surroundings are a beautiful nature reserve. It is only a few minutes walk from my home, so I often enjoy being there.


I took the LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 film which is great for an unique surreal look. Green turns to purple and blue to green. The color shifts remind me of a cross-processed film about which I have already written an article. The LomoChrome Purple is a color negative film that I developed with the C-41 Tetenal kit.

As the name implies, the film is rated at a sensitivity of 100 to 400 ISO. I took these pictures with a 400 ISO setting and got really vivid colors. This film is available in other formats as medium format, 110 film or as a simple-use reloadable camera.

I chose a Pentax ME super camera with a 50mm 1.4 lens for the roll of 35mm film. This is a small and lightweight camera which I like a lot.Below you see the pictures of this series, mainly capturing trees, the river and plants.

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Photo series: Wakenitz taken on LomoChrome Purple color film
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