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Photo series: FP4 Party week and my foggy images

It was a real surprise when I woke up in the morning and looked out of the window. There was a heavy fog and only a few meters to see. Such opportunities are really rare, and I was looking forward to going out and taking some photos.

I had also prepared some cameras with the Ilford FP4+ film. It was FP4 Party week, so there was no question which film to choose.

I got ready and took my bike to get to the location I imagined as the perfect place. It is by the water of the river Trave, which surrounds the old town of Lübeck. I like this place very much, and the trees looked magical in this fog.

In the first image gallery you see the pictures I took with my Hasselblad 500 C/M and the Carl Zeiss Planar lens 2.8/80mm. I wanted a fast lens due to the less available light. I'm really happy with the results. I was able to capture the mystical atmosphere and with the fine-grained film I got beautiful black and white images.


It's all about celebrating the ILFORD FP4+ film in March 2020: Take the pictures on the 1st week of the month, develop on the 2nd week and post on the 3rd. You can read more about it on Twitter FP4Party.

Hasselblad XPan on Ilford FP4+ film with blue color filter

The Hasselblad XPan was my other camera I took for the photo session. Here I added a blue color filter to the lens to enhance the effect of the fog and give the scene a soothing feel. I have already written an article how a color filter can improve your black and white photography if you want to know more about it.

In the end I got the pictures I had envisioned, as you can see below. Unfortunately I have not taken an image of the scene without the filter for comparison. But I didn't use a filter for the medium format pictures so that they could be used as reference.

In the images with the blue color filter I see a slightly less contrast to the end of the bridge. So the appearance of the fog has become a little stronger.


The special feature of the Hasselblad XPan is that you get to make panoramic frames. It was my intention to capture the bridge as it fades into the fog. For that I had to get a wide angle perspective, so it was the perfect choice.

Here are the final results taken with the XPan. I like these a lot and I'm glad I decided to use the filter.

Today the first week of the FP4 Party is over. All my pictures are taken, and in a week I will finally publish my images to join the party on Twitter. Until then, I have to decide what I choose to post. Which picture is your favourite? Let me know and write a comment!


Detlev(11th March 2020 19:23)

Chapeau! Tolle Bilder UND grafisch sehr schön schlicht und elegant angelegte Homepage - vielen Dank für den Link!

Jörg(19th March 2020 08:07)

Das Titelbild mit dem Fahrrad habe ich bei Kwerfeldein gesehen. Gefällt mir sehr gut, das Bild transportiert eine fantastische Stimmung!

Satybrata Biswas(21st March 2022 17:22)

Spooky Feeling

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